Expositions été 2019 - Kerguéhennec

From 6/30/2019 to 11/3/2019

Expositions d'été au Domaine de Kerguéhennec

The artistic programme of the Domaine de Kerguéhennec focuses on the dialogue between art, architecture and landscape. The link between heritage and creation is at the heart of the cultural project.

The artistic and cultural programme takes into account the variety of exhibition spaces and invites visitors to move around the different areas of the estate: the open space of the former stables, ideal for the display of monumental works and installations; the enclosed and intimate space of the sheepfold, for the Tal Coat collection; the quality of the volumes and light of the rooms on the first floor of the château, which encourages visitors to stroll and discover painting.

The Domaine offers, simultaneously, two or three exhibitions of contemporary art, monographic and thematic. Most exhibitions are published.

Two housing workshops are available for artists in residence. Six artists are welcomed each year. The works produced in this context are then presented at the Domaine or in other venues in the department.

This spring, two meetings will allow you to meet the artists invited by the Domaine and to (re)discover the exhibitions. 

- April 28, 2019: Daniel Pontoreau. Meeting and commented visit around the sculpture exhibition. In the presence of the artist, Luc Lang (author) and Karim Ghaddab (art critic).
- May 12, 2019: Michel Mousseau. Meeting and commented visit around the drawing exhibition. In the presence of the artist, Madeleine Renouard (author) and Célia Houdart (author).


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