Fest Noz in Morbihan

Did you know? Amongst the famous legends of Breton folklore there is one which tells the story of how Breton dancing was invented! Our ancestors tell of how, at one time, the floors of the houses where made from "earth", which had to be stamped on to ensure it was properly "beaten" and, in particular, to make it less dusty so that the houses could be comfortably lived in. Because this was a boring and laborious task, some jolly Britons hit on the idea of having some fun while accomplishing it! The first steps of Breton dancing were born, and, as with most of the work carried out in our countryside, it was done in a spirit of teamwork and conviviality!

These days, the "Fest noz" (a Breton word meaning "night festival" and referring to a kind of traditional Breton ball) take place all year round in Morbihan's towns and villages.

  • Festival Les Indisciplinées 2019

    From 31/10/2019 to 11/11/2019

    Festival Les Indisciplinées

    Located on the edge of autumn, the festival makes it a point of honour to place the spectator at the heart of the Festival, and claims this attention as its trademark.  Here, headliners, confirmed...


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  • Semaine du Golfe 2019

    From 27/05/2019 to 02/06/2019

    La Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan

    Gulf Week' is the major maritime event for crews of classic and traditional yachting. More than a thousand traditional and classic boats divided into coherent and identifiable fleets, which sail...


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  • Festival-Interceltique-Lorient-Morbihan-Bretagne-Sud

    From 07/08/2020 to 16/08/2020

    Festival Interceltique Lorient

    The world's largest meeting of Celtic cultures: a festival of research, creation and encounters, open to the world. Since its creation 49 years ago, the Lorient Interceltic Festival has been...


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  • affiche galettes du monde

    From 24/08/2019 to 25/08/2019

    The World Pancakes Festival of Ste-Anne d'Auray

    Les Galettes du monde, c'est connaître d'autres cultures à travers la gastronomie, c'est l'ouverture de la Bretagne sur le monde, un rassemblement dans la diversité. Un condensé de bonne humeur et...


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  • Fest Noz de fin d'année

    The 27/12/2019

    Fest Noz de fin d'année

    From 3 pm. With Anch Cadans, Duo Daouline and the Vannetais ringers. Free


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  • Fest noz de soutien au Camber

    Cultural event

    The 18/01/2020

    Fest noz de soutien au Camber

    Le Camber (Association pour la promotion de la culture traditionnelle dans le pays de Questembert) organise un fest-noz...


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  •  Kan ar Bobl et Fest Deiz

    Traditional festival

    The 29/02/2020

    Kan ar Bobl et Fest Deiz

    14h Concours de chants et musiques en tradition pays vannetais, gallo-vannetais, pays d'a-bas. Ouvert à de nombreuses...


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  • Fest-noz animé par le groupe Meldreg


    The 28/09/2019

    Fest-noz animé par le groupe Meldreg

    Les Virades de L'Espoir organise leur 6e moules frites, 8€ sur réservation sous chapiteau suivit d'un grand Fest-noz...


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  • Festipâques : Apéro-concert & Fest-Noz


    The 21/04/2019

    Festipâques : Apéro-concert & Fest-Noz

    Réservez votre dimanche soir et rendez-vous au complexe sportif à partir de 19h pour un apéro-concert suivi d'un...


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  • Pardon de St Quirin et Fest Noz

    Traditions and folklore

    The 28/07/2019

    Pardon de St Quirin et Fest Noz

    10h30: Procession et Grande Messe 13h: Rost Er Forn 15h: Animations 19h: Potée Brechoise - Frites et grillades 20h30:...


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  • Fest noz avec les Sonerien du

    Traditional festival

    The 22/06/2019

    Fest noz avec les Sonerien du

    Fest Noz SONERIEN DU et Tadamad Trioà partir de 21h6€50 en réservation et 7€50 sur placeRestauration et buvetteTombola...


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