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Brittany shows the richness of its culture through its emblem, the Gwenn ha Duwith its background of traditional music, symbols and multiple testimonials... You too will keep some "made in Breizh" memories of your stay in Morbihan!


While the chapel bells are ringing, the bride and groom pull up, all smiles, in a flower covered horse drawn carriage. A long procession honours the newlyweds. Lace and top hats become animated and move together like a black and white broom. Young and old are dressed up from top to toe. Long, black dresses are decorated with colorful embroidery or starched lace. Oboes and Breton bagpipesresonate through the town, and accompany the processionto a nearby field which will host the wedding party late into the night. It is as if time has stopped and given way to a fairy tale. Welcome to Brittany, a land rich in culture and traditions! These ceremonies dignified the weddings of bygone days and now give the people of numerous Morbihan villages the opportunity to pay tribute to their history. They are also synonyms festival for visitors, hungry for Breton culture. Breton music, dance andfolklore are united here to please the ears, eyes,... and feet!

  • Costume tradtionnel Breton © N. Lebars

    traditional Breton costume

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let yourself get carried away by the rousing sounds of traditional instruments and join the dance. This dance has been anchored in the Breton inheritance for generations and is originally from Vannetais. Invite your neighbourand bring them into the expanding circle of dancers, by takingtheir little finger. Left-right-left, to the rhythm of the music, your feet follow the circle's path. Right-left-right and you're off again! The experienced lead the beginners. The circle open breaks, multiply and grows; It is a moment of real friendliness and sharing between Brittany lovers. In Morbihan, there is no. shortage of opportunities to practice throughout the year. Fest-NOZ and fest-deiz bring the towns and villages of the department to life. It is coincidence that thesis No. festive gatherings have beenrecordedas part of humanity's Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO) since 2012. Britons ' pride in lives the cultural legacy that continues, is passed on and exported, even across continents.

  • broderie sur costumes traditionnels © M. Langle

    Embroidery is atraditional costume

  • Kevrenn Alre © NM

    Kevrenn Alre

  • Gwenn Ha Du et biniou

    Gwen Ha's and biniou

Every year at the beginning of August, all the Breton culture comes together in Lorient. The InterceltiqueFestival is a must - see reflection of Breton tradition where music and dance serve as our gateway to the world.

Festival interceltique de Lorient 2014 © Morbihan Tourisme

Magical nights at the Interceltiqe Festivalin Lorient 2014