Coastal flowers © M. Schaffner


Tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? What if your next weekend was the time to take a breath of fresh air? Let your senses guide you to the south of Brittany, Morbihan destination! and reveal your true nature.


On the Atlantic coast, Morbihan has more than 900 kilometres of coastline that you can experience by taking the famous coastal footpath, formerly used by customs officers. Pénestin in Guidelhas No. lack of stunning ocean views. Breathe in, breathe the sea air and feel the sea spray that leaves a little salty flavour to your coastal stroll. There, on the wild coast of Quiberon, enjoy the gift of a sunset worthy of a master's canvas. As the first rays from Belle island's Great Lighthouse appear, a foghorn signalsa ship's departure to new horizons. There is a lot of craving for the wide-open sea floating on the breeze. After all, the Islands are only a stone's throw away. Houat or Hoëdic may well be your next peaceful haven: peaceful surroundings, nature unspoiled, unique flora and the feeling of being alone in the world. Are you dreaming? Come to Morbihan, a different idea of luxury awaits you.

  • La côte sauvage de Quiberon © M. Schaffner

    The wild Quiberon coast

  • Flore de l'ile d'Hoedic © M. Schaffner

    Flora from Hoëdic island


What if happiness were inside... there where the ocean the land and paints the valleys green Illa. Nearly 135,000 hectares of forests cover the heart of the department. Bridge Calleck, Quénécan, Lanouée and Brocéliande are all green bowers that make you long to fill up with chlorophyll. In the monumental remote silhouette stands out: a fleshy trunk, convoluted and leafy branches. You are looking at a century-old tree, one of the many remarkable trees that populate Morbihan and recount its past. Listen: is it the wind or the murmur of a leprechaun? At the edge of Brocéliande forest, he whispers nursery stories of fairies, knights and magicians... enough to bring back your childhood dreams. And if the elves are not talkative, turn to the stones, they have so much to tell you. From homes in chapels to dolmens in standing stones, Morbihanheritage is rich in its people and their stories.

  • Arbre centenaire de Brocéliande © Y. Boelle

    A century-old tree in Brocéliande

  • Cours d'eau dans la forêt de Brocéliande © M. Schaffner

    Forest stream

  • Dolmen St Jean Brévelay © F. Plessis

    Dolmen in Saint John

Listen, enjoy, and feel the thrill of completeness rising within you. In Morbihan, nature opens its doors and carries you to its wide-open spaces where a wind of freedom blows. Your next visit will elevate your emotions to their peak: invigorating!

Rivière Brocéliande © M. Schaffner

Morbihan River