Embarkment for a cruise in the Gulf E. D ' Hérouville

A cruise in the Gulf of Morbihan

Feel like a getaway? Take a cruise in the Gulf of Morbihan! Choose your vessel, departing from Vannes, Baden or Port-Navalo, and enjoy a land and seascape that belongs to the ' Most Beautiful Bays in the World "club, a highly prized accolade. There are 12,000 hectares of water in this little internal sea, and it is from this sea that the region gets its name: mor-bihan means "little sea" in Breton! And for cruise, read stopover! Easily arranged - according to legend, the Gulf of Morbihan has as many islands as there are days in the year! But in truth, our little sea actually has around forty islands and islets; which is still not bad, admittedly, and it makes choosing quite difficult!

  • L'île de Berder © M. Schaffner

    Bello's island

  • Croisière sur le Golfe du Morbihan © Y. Boelle

    Cruise through the Golf of Morbihan

The two largest are common French (administrative districts) in themselves: Arz and monks, with 250 and 610 inhabitants respectively. There are another thirteen islands that are also inhabited, and there are numerous smaller islands offering sanctuary to nesting birds. When cruising around this labyrinth between land and sea, it is possible to observe the locality's rich fauna and flora. Egrets and grey heron fly leisurely over the oyster beds concealed at various places around the gulf. Keep your eyes peeled! The currents and tides, working their magic, conjure up a scene of a thousand and one colours for you. In Brittany they do not say blue purpose "glaz", which is a kind of subtle blend of green, turquoise and grey, with a touch of luminosity of a kind not observed in any other place. There are numerous cruise operators offering sightseeing trips, with or without stopovers. You do not need to compromise when it comes to eating out either: if you are unable to choose between the exhilaration of sight-seeing and culinary delight, the dinner or lunch - cruises will be just the ticket! So don't wait any longer! Though the coastal paths around the gulf offer wonderful views, even better views of the little sea are to be had from its interior. See you in the gulf soon!

Coucher de soleil sur le Golfe du Morbihan © M. Schaffner

Sunshine on the Gulf of Morbihan

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