Castle of Josselin © Y. The Gal

Josselin, a "little city of character"

Life is peaceful along the Nantes-Brest canal, with its wooded valleys and flower-adorned stopping places. In the distance, three majestic towers stand tall, offering their undiminished reflections to the waters of the river Oust. Josselin castle, property of the Rohan family, bears particular witness to Brittany's mediaeval history, and is the jewel in the crown of this 'Small city of character' (Little City of Character).

  • Maison à colombage

    half-timbered houses

  • Entrée de la basilique © M. Schaffner

    Basilica's entrance

From its garden side, this princely abode opens out onto the small town of Josselin with its wealth of history and monumental architecture. A succession of around 50 half-half-timbered houses line the little flower-adorned streets, right up to the church of our Lady of the bramble bush. There is a reward to be had for those courageous enough. After climbing the 138 steps leading to the top of the steeple, visitors are treated to exceptional views of the town of Josselin, its castle, the wood of love (Woods of Love), the canal, and the West valley, extending as far as the eye can see. You really do get the impression of being up on high, both in terms of physical viewpoint, of course, but perhaps also from the point of view of the soul, just like the thousands of pilgrims who crowd the town's streets, enlivening them with colour and fervour, when the famous "forgiveness" (a Breton form of Catholic pilgrimage) of our Lady of the bramble Bush takes place at the beginning of September each year. Josselin's history is written in land, water and prayers, and is as inspiring to lovers of architecture as it is to artists. Painters, sculptors, jewellery makers and potters - their keen vision and creations adorn the town and add to the flavour of life there. Some of them open their doors to visitors and will share their passion with you. One thing is certain: you will start infused not just with stories, but with magic too! Thanks to the Dukes of Brittany, the town of Josselin has been an essential stopping-off place since the 14th century. When staying in Morbihan, safe be too take advantage of the opportunity for a green and cultural trip to this charming town yourself.

Château de Josselin côté jardin © M. Schaffner

Gardens of the JANJUA's castle

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