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Does the brand Yves Rocher mean anything to you? That's right: the emblem with the petals, the beauty products and institutes, the ladies' favourite! Well, did you know that this genius of botanical beauty was actually born here in Morbihan, in the village of La Gacilly, back in 1930? What was a little family business has since grown into a large and flourishing international enterprise. Yves Rocher's leitmotif: to make healthy, natural, botanical cosmetics, produced with respect for the environment, available to all women. Oriental massage elixir, honey shower gel and luxury perfumes … mmm, makes you feel like getting dolled up right now! But where did he come up with all these ideas?

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    The "Gree of les Landes"

The village of La Gacilly was, and still remains, the main source of inspiration and creativity behind Yves Rocher products. To experience the botanical world at first hand and gain a better understanding of the process of innovation, pay a visit to the botanical gardens. More than a thousand different botanical species are displayed side by side there for the enjoyment of gardeners, expert botanists and walkers. In addition to the concentration of botany at the Yves Rocher attractions, the entire village itself is a kind of ode to nature. From the moment you arrive at La Gacilly, you will detect an invigorating blast of oxygen: welcome to this sanctuary of greenery, with its many scents and its inspired spirits. The flower-adorned streets will take you on a journey of discovery, from artist to craftsman, provide and an encounter with a fairytale world, where art and imagination intertwine around the magical fingers of these original, creative artists. Glass, wood and wax sculptures, jewellery, clothing, painting and decorative art - all the artistic disciplines are practised here, supplying the driving pulse for the town of Gacilly. And to better celebrate the union of man and nature, this Breton village transforms into an open-air art gallery each summer, something that it has been doing for over 10 years now. For the four months of Gacilly's People and Nature Photo Festival, the buildings and their facades are adorned with photographs taken on each of the five continents. There are scenes that will amuse you, landscapes that will captivate you, and striking gauzes that will capture your attention. your emotional responses will be on the same scale as the exhibition: spectacular! To continue your journey to the heart of the botanical world, a visit to the Yves Rocher Eco-Hotel Spa, La Grée des Landes, is recommended. Plants are the reason for La Gacilly's fame, and they will form the basis of your wellness experience too. Treat yourself to a pampering break at this natural retreat, and remind yourself that this is where it all began, in La Gacilly.

Festival de photo à La Gacilly © JY. Leglaunec

photo festival in La Gacilly

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