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Quiberon's wild coast

If you enjoy the invigorating sea air and the sparkle of the sea spray, then Quiberon's wild coast is the perfect place for you!

for eight kilometres from Percho point to the famous castle, the ocean sculpts the rock Turpault. Walk along the coastal path is like a true open-air geography lesson. Here you can see the forces of nature being unleashed. Every wave is like an assault from the ocean, with the cliffs displaying their noble resistance. Out of this fight burst spouts of sea foam, like a monochrome firework display. The scale of the power on display here is enough to make you feel very small. In stormy conditions, the scene becomes spectacular, though for everyone's safety it must only be observed from a safe distance. The sea can be dangerous for the incautious.

  • La côte sauvage de Quiberon © M. Schaffner

    The wild coast

  • Paddle sur la côte sauvage © Berthier / Bic Sports

    Paddle on the wild coast

no matter what the season and the weather conditions, Quiberon's wild coast always offers an impressive and stirring visual show. Many artists, painters, poets and writers find inspiration here, and the works which result are rich in colour and expression! All the senses are awoken: it is a feast for the eyes and ears, and you may even find the odd drop of sea water trickling down your face as the scent of the sea tickles your nostrils … and tantalises your taste buds! No. problem: Quiberon is a town of fishermen and experts sardine! Bon appétit! After an exciting, dramatic walk, you can refuel on the Quiberon peninsula's east coast, then languidly relax in a deck-chair on a terrace, facing a somewhat calm sea this time! And to round off your sea-themed day, treat yourself to a relaxed moment at the Thalassotherapy (sea water therapy centre) established by the famous French cyclist Louison Bobet - the body gets to have its fill of sensations too!

Plage de Quiberon à marée basse © F. Plessis

Quiberon's beach on low tide

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