Aerial view of the Ria of Etel © authors of view

ria d'etel

The reason the river Etel has the pretty name of 'ria' is because the Atlantic Ocean is responsible for defining its tidal peaks and reach. Viewed from the air, it is like a labyrinth where land and sea seek each other out, find each other, and in places join, offering a richly colourful landscape to the visitor. Once past the "Etel bar", a perpetually shifting sandbar, the amateur sailor can relax and head off to explore the preserved and protected natural environment. A succession of lagoons, wild beaches, marshes and oyster beds are to be found in this little, sinuous interior sea, with its dotting of islets.

  • Maison de pêcheur St Cado © E. Cattin

    Fisherman's house

  • Kayak sur la Ria d'Etel © P. Bourras / Bic Sports

    Kayak on the Ria D'etel

look! Over there! A house with blue shutters which seems almost to be floating on the water! Amidst majestic scenery stands the famous fisherman's house s on so many postcards. The little island of Saint-Cado can be distinguished behind it. This picturesque hamlet, linked to the mainland by a famous stone bridge, is made up a handful of houses and a Norman chapel, from where the sounds of the sea can be heard - the whole ria itself is inviting contemplation. You get a sense of the harmony between man and nature everywhere here: tern and heron have found a playground amongst the gorse, heather and sea holly. There is nothing better than a trip by kayak or paddle board to fully appreciate it in all its splendour! Glide across the water, and with each stroke of the paddle discover new landscapes and seascapes, like pencil sketches in blue, green and daylight. If you are tempted by a subaquatic adventure, treat yourself to a diving trip, even if you have never tried it before. The underwater world of the ria of Etel has a myriad of colours to offer, as well as the potential for unexpected encounters! And to round off your visit to this exceptional place, add culinary delight to your sight-seeing and sample the famous oysters, a local speciality: they even use them to make pastries! Little gastronomy, a touch of heritage, and has condensed exposure to nature: that is what you can expect from your trip to the ria d'etel.

La Pointe de Listrec Ria d'Etel © Auteurs de vues

The Listrec spike

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