The Château de Suscinio © A. Lamoureux

The Château de Suscinio

"To be or not to be, that is the question." The famous soliloquy from Hamlet - act three, scene one - resonate around the battlements at Suscinio, plunging you into the intrigues of Shakespeare's tragedy. Drama, revenge and murder are suitable fare for this majestic scenery. Goal there is no. cardboard and no. approximate reproductions here. No, here you are invited to experience history at close hand, within the walls of a genuine 13th century fortified castle! Towers, keeps, arrow-slits and rampart walks - it is all here! Add actors in period costume, sharp dialogue and a few stage effects, and it is theatre, just as you like it!

  • Les créneaux de Suscinio © A. Lamoureux

    The Suscinio's battlements

  • Le Château de Suscinio © M. Schaffner

    Suscinio Castle

Though the Château de Suscinio has been serving as a setting for plays by Faust, Ionesco and Shakespeare for a number of years, the history of Brittany also plays a role in the activities taking place there. Each summer, the courtyard is festooned with flags and lights for the Rhuys historical shows, which pay homage to the castle's former owners. The building, which has been, successively, a priory, a manor, a hunting lodge and the palace of the Dukes of Brittany, harbours many secrets between its walls. It is said that the Duke of Brittany liked to spend his summer holidays here. You can understand why! Who wouldn't make use of a second home next to the sea: "Base with sea views, 6,000 m2, situated between sand dunes and marshes and just a stone's throw from the beaches at Sarzea". It is not possible today to holiday at the Castle; but begin by approaching it, then walk around the outside, go through the entrance, get a first impression, explore it, experience Breton history at first hand, then start, enriched by the stories, the tales and the magic! The castle's pulse is still beating, and it may still have surprises in store for us, judging by the relics, pottery and stonework unearthed by archaeologists each summer. Step through the doors of the castle of Suscinio: there are still some surprises left for you!

The Château de Suscinio has been shaped by a history stretching from the 13th century to the present day. Today it is the property of the Morbihan Departmental Council, and after more than 30 years of restoration work, the monument has now been restored to its former splendour as a mediaeval fortress. The castle is open to the public all year round.

Vue aérienne de Suscinio © M. Schaffner

Aerial view of Suscinio

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