Signs of the Islands © A. Lamoureux

Take a trip to an island

Who hasn't dreamed of spending a vacation on an island? With the around fifty islands and islets that have been counted close to the Morbihan coast, there is a hint of paradise is in the air! Take your desire to get away from it all seriously, and treat yourself to an island excursion. Depending on the specific destination chosen, you will be getting even further away from the Mainland, from urban life in most cases, and hopefully from everyday worries and concerns!

  • Port de l'île de Groix © Y. Le Gal

    Groix island's port

  • Embarcadère sur l'île d'Hoedic © M. Schaffner

    Jetty on Hoëdic island

So there is time to lose no.: set sail from Vannes, Lorient, Quiberon or any one of Morbihan's many ports and get away from it all for a day, a weekend, or perhaps even longer should things go really well! There is just one direction to take: out there, in the distance, towards those unknown lands … well, unknown for the time being! Take a deep breath … that's the sea air! Whether a few minutes from the continent or a few hours away, and whether accessed by pleasure cruiser, kayak, or even on foot if the tide allows, each island is worth seeing and will offer something to keep you there for a while. Though Belle-ile-en-mer and Groix are a bit more urban in character, the islands of monks and Houat remain green and paradisical, and are a cyclist's heaven. By contrast, the islands of Hoëdic and Arz are ideally explored on foot. Whether it is bathing in the sea is Bello or a trip to the heart of history on Gavrinis, each island could almost be defined in terms of the particular activities it provides, were it not for the beauty of the preserved natural environment and the timeless sense of stepping out of the present, as if detached from the world. Though the notion of space acquires a very specific meaning on an island, the concept of time becomes less rigid, thereby facilitating relaxation and a sense of letting go - facing the immense blue sea, a wind of freedom blows. Your mind becomes less preoccupied and you may be surprised to find yourself thinking of nothing other than the here and now … isn't that something you've dreamed of? Time to embark!

Côte sauvage sur l'île d'Hoedic © M. Schaffner

Wild coast there Hoëdic island

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