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Carnac and the menhir alignments

Today, it is destination Carnac!

It is impossible to spend a holiday in Morbihan and not take in a little history. Though Stonehenge undoubtedly represents the world's most famous group of megaliths, Carnac is the planet's richest megalithic site!

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    Kermario's slickr

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    Kerliscan's slickr

imagine for a moment a town of 4,000 inhabitants and almost the same number again of dressed stones, in the form of dolmens and menhirs! So go and take a closer look. It's impressive! You feel so tiny next to blocks of granite of this kind, and so humble too. Seven thousand years of history standing before you: that is quite something to think about!

le Menec, Kermario, Kerlescan - there is site after site, and the slickr extend almost to the horizon. To find out more about them, a visit to the home of megaliths (house of megaliths) is recommended. How does a guided tour to the very heart of the slickr themselves sound to you? What could be better than an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide to explore the fields of menhirs with you, who try to provide answers to the questions that are always being asked, such as "Why are they aligned like that?", "How many are there?", "Why were they put here?" and "What is their significance?" There's still so much for us to learn!

for the more practically inclined, there will even be the opportunity to experience life in prehistoric times, with fire lighting, pottery workshop, menhir raising, using a spear thrower and other activities all available. In short, it is the stone age as if you were actually there!

The people of Morbihan are proud of their neolithic legacy, and preserving and sharing it is important to them. This is also the case with the "Landscapes of megaliths" association, which works to raise awareness and increase knowledge about Carnac and South Morbihan's megalithic heritage, and to promote and protect it. Objective: see the UNESCO World Heritage listing application project through to its conclusion. It would be nice to gain this recognition wouldn't it?

After this immersive session of learning and discovery, will you have the power to resist a little piece of chocolate, shaped like a menhir of race? Next stop: the biscuit of Menhirs, where the chocolate and pastry makers, the brothers cardboard, have come up with the idea of transforming the emblem of Obelix into a delicacy … mmm, how delicious!

Les alignements de Carnac @ Y. Boelle

Carnac's alignments

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