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Carnac, where stones flirtation with the ocean

Come for a stay in Carnac and experience 100,000 years of history at the rhythm of the tides.

Carnac, right at the center of our history

Carnac, a must - see destination in Morbihan, and famous for being the site of one of the largest collections of megaliths in Europe, offers a window onto the history of the world itself. From menhirs to dolmens, from the Cairn of Kercado to the Saint-Michel Tumulus, discover a land rich in history and stories: the history that takes us back to our origins as Homo Sapiens, and the numerous stories, tales and legends to be heard all around the land of Carnac. Stones that speak to our imagination - that is something Carnac, with its menhirs, certainly has no. lack of. More than 4,000 of them have been counted, with some arranged in slickr and others to be found concealed in various locations here and there. There are also a number of ancestral mysteries for you to discover at the local Museum of Prehistory (Museum of Prehistory). By participating in its themed workshops you can even make your own neolithic jewellery or try your hand at pottery; and how about having a go with a spear thrower? It is like being back in the stone age itself!

  • Le Tumulus Saint-Michel à Carnac © Todesco

    The Saint-Michel's mound

  • Alignements de Carnac © F. Galivel

    The Carnac's alignments

Carnac: a holiday to the rhythm of the tides


Enjoy being high up?" Choose a hotel looking out over the water in Carnac, offering ocean as far as the eye can see … though you may be able to make out a rocky point too: the Quiberon Peninsula!


ah, the ocean: let's say a word or two more about that. You will find numerous nautical clubs located along the Carnac coast. Thesis can provide you with opportunities to experience the sea: just to a small extent for those who enjoy paddling; in a more serious sense where budding sailors are concerned; and intimately and passionately in the cases of surfers, windsurfers and the like. From the optimist on a stand up paddle board to the sea kayaker or windsurfer, whatever your preference it will be catered for. And in addition to nautical sports and healthy recreational activities, the town of Carnac also has various fine, sandy beaches: ideal for those who just want to relax and do nothing, full stop! Enjoy the sensation of being lulled by the lapping waves and transported by the sights, sounds and smells of the marine environment: you are on holiday after all! To make the most of the benefits that the sea provides

To make the most of the benefits that the provides sea and spend some time having all your needs taken care of, treat yourself to a break at a Thalassotherapy (sea water therapy centre) or enjoy a spa treatment. These provide the opportunity to enjoy some pampering and combines tourism with wellness. Relaxed now? Feeling free of stress? Make the most of the opportunity for new experiences and exposes your taste buds to new flavours: the oyster farmers of the Cove of the Po will be happy let you sample the delights of the edible oyster whilst they tell you the history of this former fishing port, now a paradise for shellfish and migrating birds. The Cove of the Po, nestling right at the back of Quiberon Bay, offers a truly preserved environment. For the fine gourmets amongst you, some of the local restaurants serve lavish seafood platters, in rich variety: there is no. better way to top up your iodine and vitamin levels!

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    Carnac's beach

  • Thalasso et spa Resort © Thalasso spa resort Carnac

    Thalasso and spa Resort

  • Assiette d'huitres © Fotolia

    flat of oysters

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Sailing school in Carnac


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