The harbour of Lorient and the Citadel of Port Louis © Y. Legal

Country of Lorient: immerse yourself deep in history and enjoy an unforgettable holiday

Lorient has a history and country tales to recount dating from the past to the present day. Enjoy a stay filled with activities and experiences and discover all about it!

Lorient, at the heart of South Brittany

just a few hours from Paris, Rennes and Nantes, this port town can be easily accessed and explored by road, rail or sea, and even viewed from the air! The Citadel of Port Louis, the battlements of Hennebont, Fort Bloque at Ploemeur (a strong accessible only at low tide) - such impressive ancient architecture, providing a picture of a land rich in ancestry and proud of its battles. Keroman Submarine Base, today converted into a museum, stands as a reminder of Lorient's military past. Though the military port is more no., the town formerly referred to as "the city with five ports" (the town with five ports) is developing its four remaining ports: the commercial port of Kergroise; the fishing port of Keroman. the passenger port, from where more than 450,000 people per year travel to the island of Groix. and the recreational ports distributed around Lorient, Kernevel, Port-Louis, Gâvres and Guidel. This is Lorient, the famous port town!


Whether you are an angler, an amateur sailor or simply love the sea, you are guaranteed to find something to enjoy in Pays de Lorient!"

  • La Base sous-marine de Lorient © Auteurs de vues

    Lorient's submarine base

  • Fort Bloqué © Auteurs de vues

    Fort blocked

Lorient, enriched by its territory

if the wide, open sea tempts you, get some fresh wind in your sails surfing the waves along the fine sandy coast between Guidel and Larmor-Plage, or set sail for the Atlantic, especially if you want to spectate at some of the famous sailing races that take place there. The île de Groix will provide superb views, as well as a preserved natural environment! If you are to fine gourmet gold holidaying with your family, don your boots and take advantage of a weekend of advantageous tides to comb the lagoon of Gâvres for cockles and clams. For the dedicated angler, the rivers Scorff and Blavet offer both French category one and category two fishing points: the trout, salmon and pike

just need to be in the right place! Shh … they're biting! Follow the river Blavet towards its source and you will come to the village of Poul Fetan. Travel back in time for a few hours, or longer: life in the 17th century will no. longer hold any mysteries for you. When you return to the town, let the enchanting sounds of the bagpipes and bombards of the Bagad of Lann Bihoué (a type of Breton pipe band) guide you. Vibrate to the sound of Celtic music, which reaches its zenith each summer at the Lorient Interceltic Festival. Well, you are on holiday in Brittany after all! For those of a more sporting bent, attending a match at FC Lorient may be just the fix you need, and it well be a way to get even more out of your stay in Lorient.

  • La pêche à pied sur la petite mer de Gavres © A. Lamoureux

    Shore fishing on the Gâvres's small sea

  • La Volvo Océan Race © Roman

    Volvo Ocean Race

  • Le Bagad de Lann-Bihoué © M. Schaffner

    The Bagad of Lann-Bihoué

île de Groix: a hop, skip and a boat ride from Lorient

After a 45-minute crossing, all your senses will be brought to life! Open your eyes: île de Groix is like a colour chart unfolding before you: blue ocean, wild green coast, white sand, and Port Tudy, with its facades of a thousand colours! In breathe: the invigorating marine air brings to mind a daily dose of iodine! Listen: the rhythm of the waves acts as an accompaniment to the echoes of the birds at the famous ornithological reserve. Appreciate: as you pass through the port, get a flavour of a time gone by, when Groix was France's most important yellowfin tuna fishing port. And touch: here we have the fine-grained sand at the beach of Grand sands, a convex, shifting beach unlike any found elsewhere; and there we see geological and mineral treasures, which various scientists are still investigating. The rich this island offers make it unique a place … for unique moments!

So, don't wait a second longer? Book a room in a hotel or a place at a campsite, or look for a holiday rental property to suite your tastes!

Start packing your suitcases! You're there! Country of Lorient is waiting to welcome you. Visit and discover its town, its island and the lives led there. From the years of the French India Company to the present day trading: there's so much to discover!

Need some help? The Morbihan Tourist Board's website will provide what you need to help you organize your stay.

Plage des grands sables - Ile de Groix © Auteurs de vues

great sands's beach - Groix island


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