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Quiberon, like the very end of the world

Take a break in Quiberon and enjoy a holiday of a more leisurely kind, with sight-seeing, Thalassotherapy (a sea water therapy centre) and the beach all on the agenda. Tempted?

The Quiberon Peninsula, where land and sea unit to become one!

The Quiberon Peninsula is connected to the mainland by a single spit of land and draws its uniqueness from its very particular geography. Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, just a few metres (22 at the narrowest!) prevent it from being an island rather than a peninsula.

There are wonderful views of the sea to be had along the sole access road to the peninsula. Turn your head to the left or to the right and you will see nothing but blue right to the horizon! Welcome to the seaside!

From the moment you cross the Penthièvre isthmus, you will be able to see the expanded of sand, offering promise of rest and relaxation. The holiday train is on its way, and that will be especially true if you get the chance to travel on board the "corkscrew"! ("corkscrew": a shuttle train service linking the peninsula with the mainland.) Large, coloured objects swoop in the sky: the kitesurfers are out, and the surfers and windsurfers will not be far away!

Further away in the distance stands fort Penthièvre, marking the entry to the peninsula and acting as a reminder of its military history. Today it is the property of France's Ministry of Defence and is only open to the public on special occasions, but the view from the outside is impressive still!

From strong tea, you can "launch your assault" on the peninsula via the many paths and tracks to be found there. There are more than 40 kilometres of thesis, laid out to enable you to explore the many facets of this "spit of land" on foot or by bicycle.

along its eastern coast, the peninsula is sheltered from the ocean and forms a magnificent bay curving around in front of the dunes. It is not without reason, therefore, that the bay happens to be a member of the "Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World", just like the bay of Hạ Long in Viet Nam. Up to Conguel point, a chain of long beaches of fine sand extends, the last stretch of sand before the Atlantic! There seems to be an urge to head out to sea in the air!

The western side of the Quiberon Peninsula reveals a different kind of landscape altogether. A wilder coast, it consists of an alternating series of cliffs and coves shaped from the rock and washed by waves, which leave clouds of sea foam behind breaking on the shore.


It is not surprising that many painters and writers have found inspiration here!" The colours change with the weather. There is a unique flora to be explored; and Turpault castle stands solid against the wind. Morbihan is a place where ideas are born.

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    windsurf spot

  • Pointe de Conguel © Auteurs de vues

    Conguel's spike in Quiberon

Quiberon, a coastal resort since 1924

At the southern extreme of the peninsula stands the town of Quiberon benefiting from a geographically exceptional rental. Facing out to the ocean and the islands, just a stone's throw away, Quiberon simply invites relaxation. With sand between your toes, imagine travelling to the other side of the world … though some home-grown aromas might keep you in Brittany for a while! Here we have some niniches (a kind of lollipop, and has Quiberon speciality), and over there salt butter caramel, and a bit further still, sardines: a holiday … it's the pleasure of experiencing new flavours too! Not only can you enjoy eating these foods, but you can also visit the biscuit makers, canneries and jam makers where they are made. There is enough for you to your own gastronomic tour motto! And, between sampling one culinary delight and the next, treat yourself to a wonderful session at the thalassotherapy (salt water therapy) centre, established by the famous French cyclist Louison Bobet 50 years ago! And perhaps a holiday offering nothing but pure pleasure?

  • Port Haliguen © M. Jamoneau

    Haliguen's port

  • Invitation au repos © K. Piquet

    Quiberon's Big beach

  • Sofitel Quiberon thalassa © E. Cuvillier

    Sofitel thalassa Quiberon

Whether massage fan, surfing ace gold adventurer, there is just one address you will need when it comes to arranging your next holiday: The website is simply overflowing with places to stay and ideas for things to do!

Grande plage de Quiberon © A. Jouan

Quiberon's Big beach


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