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The Gulf of Morbihan, one of the world's most beautiful bays

The Gulf of Morbihan South Brittany's primary tourist destination, is the product of a wonderful amalgam of land and sea. Take advantage of a weekend break or a longer stay in Morbihan to discover and explore its "little sea".

for Morbihan read "interior sea"

The Gulf of Morbihan gave the region its name: Mor-Bihan means "little sea" in the Breton language. The gulf, which extends into Quiberon Bay, is one of South Brittany's emblematic locations. It is also a member of the "Club of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World", just like the bays of Hạ Long in Viet Nam and San Francisco in the United States. The gulf presents unique spectacle, with land and sea blending to form a variety of landscapes over an area of 11,500 ha. With its vast expanse of sea water, the Gulf of Morbihan offers exceptional year places for boating. Take advantage of some of our holiday suggestions and discover the joys of coastal navigation, perhaps even enjoying a trip on board a tall ship.


What a pleasure it is to sail across the water from island to island!"

  • Le Golfe du Morbihan © A. Lamoureux

    Gulf of Morbihan

  • Voile traditionnelle © E. Cattin

    Traditional sailing

The gulf is essentially an interior sea, sheltered from the ocean and scattered with numerous islands: Arz, Gavrinis and Bello and countless islets. According to a famous legend, it has as many islands as there are days in the year. In reality, there are around forty individual islands, of which around thirty are inhabited. Be sure to visit the largest of them: Ile - aux-Moines, also known as "the pearl of the gulf". This year island distinguished by its unusual shape, its little flower-lined streets and its unique, characteristic atmosphere, all of which means it can offer a genuine change of scene, guaranteed! A cruise around the gulf will provide you with a good vantage point from which to view this fascinating labyrinth of islands. Once back on dry land, you could take a drive around the gulf, along its more than one hundred and eighty kilometres of coastal roads. There is a continuous, way-marked route from Arzon to Locmariaquer offering various stunning viewpoints along the way.

  • Vélo autour du Golfe © A. Lamoureux

    Cycling around the Gulf

  • Ostreiculture © A. Lamoureux

    Oyster farmer

  • Vue aérienne Golfe du Morbihan © A. Lamoureux

    Berder island

VaNNes, a medieval town with a harbour at its centre

On the northern shore of the gulf you should be able to make out the masts of hundreds of boats bobbing against a backdrop of ancient facades. This is Morbihan's main administrative center: vannes, a mediaeval town and port. The town, which has been designated a "Town of Art and history" (Town of Art and History), has managed to retain its traditional character. The mansions constructed when the town was home to the Breton parliament (17th century), constitute the centrepieces of the town's heritage, and the town still has its original ramparts to defend it.
So it's decided then? Going to spend your next holiday exploring Morbihan? Trip to vannes is a must. Check in to one of the town's many hotels then set off to explore the gulf. Whether on land or at sea, paradise is to be found here!

Ile de Govihan © Auteur de vues

Govihan island


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