Port Crouesty © A. Lamoureux

The Rhuys Peninsula, between gulf and ocean

A piece of land venturing and curving into the sea, the Rhuys peninsula gently wanders and plays with that soft blend, coaxing it to yield its secrets. Between gulf and ocean, the destination is worth the journey!
The Rhuys Peninsula, extending over twenty-five kilometres, owes its name to the monk Saint Gildas, who founded a Celtic abbey here. That was in the 6th century. Spiritual vocations have since ceded their place to the multitude of resources and activities that now constitute the region's wealth. Shaped by the Atlantic ocean to the south, and curving round into the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan to its north, the peninsula simply prompts you to travel and has a variety of recreational activities to offer visitors.

nature is strongly in evidence on the Rhuys peninsula

Along its northern coast, the Rhuys peninsula traces the edge of the little sea that is the Gulf of Morbihan, an immense stretch of water offering a multitude of treasures. There are numerous oyster beds to be seen here as the tides come and go, repeatedly revealing their presence then hiding them again.

An ideal way to see oyster farming at close quarters is by kayak. It is likely to be an instructive trip, especially if you encounter a brent goose, the emblem of the gulf.

And don't miss the salt pans near Saint-Armel Lasne, which have been redeveloped for production over the last ten years or so. You can wander between the evaporation and harvesting ponds on foot or by bicycle and, depending on the season, observed the region (salt workers) engaged in their precise work. Don't leave without a drop of salt for yourself!

Morbihan is a gastronomical region, and though there was a time when the Rhuys peninsula was thick with vineyards, today it has a range of culinary delights to offer, each as original as the next.


To cite just a small selection: tomme of Rhuys cheese, smoked salmon, cider, cookies, beer, and not forgetting the famous Gochtial bread (a sweet brioche type bread), which is only made on the Rhuys Peninsula!" Try it as soon as you get the chance!

  • Les marais salants de Saint Armel © M. Schaffner

    saint-Armel's salt marshes

  • Produits locaux de la presqu'île de Rhuys © A. Lamoureux

    Rhuys Peninsula's local products

The Rhuys peninsula offers a different kind of landscape on its Atlantic coast side. Here, there are long beaches of fine sand interspersed with various rocky outcrops, culminating in the Petit Mont (little mount), which offers outstanding panoramic views of the ocean. On a clear day, you can make out the coastline between Croisic and Quiberon! Look straight ahead and you will see islands: Belle-Ile-en-mer and Houat. And to top it all off, there is a cairn on the promontory, constructed around 4500 BC. History and pleasure for the eyes combines together well here, as is the case along the whole peninsula, where a number of prehistoric structures still survive! Can you make out a number of masts in the distance? That's not surprising: the port of Crouesty is host to around 1500 leisure boats per year. Perhaps you can take a trip out to sea? And if you want to enjoy the benefits of salt water in a much more relaxed manner, there is only one place to go: the Miramar Crouesty! At this thalassotherapy (salt water therapy) centre, which looks like a steamer facing out to see, your every need will be taken care of as you enjoy an experience of complete pleasure. So relax, and be pampered like a prince or princess! A brief snippet of peninsula history: the Château de Suscinio at Sarzeau served as a palace for the Dukes of Brittany in the 15th century. The castle is today restored and is now an intact mediaeval fortress standing at the heart of the marshes and just a few metres from the sea - in the past, as today, people dreamed of holidays by the sea!

  • Miramar Crouesty Thalasso © Miramar

    Miramar Crouesty

  • Cairn du Petit Mont © A. Lamoureux

    The Cairn of "small mountain"

  • Le moulin de Pen Castel © A. Lamoureux

    The Pen castel's mil

Whether the gulf coast side or the ocean coast side, on the Rhuys Peninsula one thing is certain: you will be spending your next holiday beside the sea! So, find somewhere to stay with just a few clicks, and organizing your trip to Morbihan!

Le château de Suscinio © A. Lamoureux

The Suscinio's castle


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