Aerial view of la Trinité sur Mer © authors views.

Trinité-sur-Mer, your next port of call

Whether you are here for a weekend or for an entire holiday, pay a visit to Trinité-sur-Mer and enjoy dividing your time there between its beaches, its port and the activities it offers for your own leisure.

Trinité-sur-Mer, all sails set

The port of Trinité-sur-Mer, familiar to sailors everywhere, can be admired from the heights of the 200 meter long Kerisper bridge spanning the river Crac'h ' h. The town is like a genuine open-air museum, where sailing boats, launches and yachts from all parts and of all sizes float side by side.

Those strolling around are wont to daydream, and some might easily imagine themselves weighing anchor and setting sail for the open sea! A special holiday experience perhaps?

And if some basic instruction is required, there are many sailing schools in Trinité-sur-Mer to get you started!


don your boots;" slip on your oilskins - you are the one in charge on board captain!


It might not be enough to see you competing against the crews in the famous Spi West France yacht race perhaps, but you will be able to use the language of the sea at least!"

  • Spi Ouest France © Y. Legal

    The West France Spi

  • Port de la Trinité sur mer © M.Jamoneau

    The Trinité-sur-mer's harbour

Trinité-sur-Mer, Morbihan's popular coastal resort

And for those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land, Trinidad's restaurants have another way of introducing you to the sea, with fork in hand! Try the famous European flat oyster, supplied straight from the estuary. A delicacy rich in iodine, it is to be consumed in moderation. After copious seafood platter, what could be better than a healthy stroll along the coastal path? The path runs along the side of the channel for several kilometres and offers breathtaking views of the Harbour, the bridge, and in the distance, the entry to Quiberon Bay. From coves and inlets to steep, rocky coastline, discover the different features of the landscape to the rhythm of the tides: Kerbihan Point and the home of the customs house of the (customs officers), Kervillen's wide beach and the fineness of the golden sand, and not forgetting the beach at Men-Du and the chance, perhaps, to reach the islet of Stuhan by tramping across the "tombolo" a sandbar exposed at low tide. And there are still even more surprises in store for you! During a stay in Trinité-sur-Mer various secret left by Trinidad's inhabitants of both yesteryear and today will be revealed to you - the pleasant surprise offered by the fishermen's houses for example, encountered there are little narrow street, or, for those with an eye for architecture, the wood of love (Woods of Love), whose dolmens and menhirs numerous inspires humility. Feel a growing urge to take a trip? Immerse yourself in the life of Trinité-sur-Mer for a weekend or longer and hear the thousand and one stories this popular recreational port has to tell about all those who love the sea. Famous skippers, oyster farming enthusiasts, amateur sailors, experienced fishermen - all contribute their own dash of colour to the rich table presented to the visitor. Trinité-sur-Mer, a coastal resort rich in colours!

  • Pêche à la trinité sur mer © Y. Legal

    at the Trinity on Sea Fishing

  • Pointe de Kerbihan © A. Lamoureux

    Kerbihan's spike

  • Vue aérienne du port © M. Schaffner

    Aerial view of the port

To add the final touch to your visit, the Morbihan's Tourist Board has a range of accommodation for you to stay at between your excursions, including "charm hotels", coastal camping sites and holiday rental properties.

Balade sur le port de la Trinité sur mer © A. Lamoureux


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