Gardens of the ramparts of Vannes CRTB

Vannes, somewhere between art and history

If you are on holiday in Morbihan gold here for a weekend break, treat yourself to a trip to vannes and immerse yourself in a medieval world where land and sea intermingle.

vannes, a port town with a thousand and one stories to tell

provides vannes port in the Gulf of Morbihan, a gulf belonging to the Most Beautiful Bays in the World club. Discover has designated town of "Art and History" that has managed to preserve both its historic and natural heritage and turn them to its advantage.

Whether taking a longer break or just staying for the weekend, vannes offers a wide range of things to do and discover. Throughout its two-thousand-year history, the town has been reaping the benefit of its privileged, sheltered location in the Gulf of Morbihan, first developing its commercial port activities, then later its leisure port.

The mediaeval heart of what was once the city of the Veneti bears testimony to its past as the main capital of the dukes of Brittany. Its picturesque architecture, with little narrow streets bordered by half-half-timbered houses, simply invites you to go for a stroll.


The Museum of Fine Arts (the crush), Gaillard Castle (the History Museum) and St. Peter's Cathedral can all be found within the town's battlements, providing a genuine series of attractions to stop at and visit."

  • Maisons à pan de bois à Vannes © Y. Legal

    half-timbered houses

  • Les remparts de Vannes © E. Cattin

    Vannes battlements

A town made even more beautiful by its parks and gardens

As you walk around, you will discover the numerous parks and gardens adding to the beauty of vannes, and which have enabled the town to earn an award of four stars from the "contest of towns and villages" (a French competition in which towns and villages compete on the basis of the quality of their green spaces and floral displays). Nature is never far away when you are in the center of the town, and it is easy to escape for a while along the coastal paths by the Gulf, especially those that take you from the Conleau Peninsula round to the point via the village of Sandhu emigrants. Along these roads you can visit and explore the marshes of Senna nature reserve and the Lasne and Hezo salt marshes, where you will encounter the typical fauna and flora of the Gulf of Morbihan. The sea is never very far away, such is the eagerness of the land and the waters of the gulf to meet. This is what makes all the nautical activities possible, with beaches, sailing and cruise trips to the islands of monks and Arz, where you can really get away from it all for a while.

  • La presqu'île de Conleau © A. Lamoureux

    Conleau peninsula's

  • Le port de Vannes pendant la semaine du Golfe © E. Cattin

    Vannes port during the Gulf's week

  • Le port de Vannes @ M. Riegler

    Vannes port

Time to sample some culinary delights!

In Vannes, time comes to a standstill the moment you walk through the door of one of the crepes or local-produce restaurants. The gourmet flavours of the sea are everywhere, and you can even enjoy them by treating yourself to some of the local produce available at the markets held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or even by paying a visit to Vannes' very own fish market. The stalls overflow with fish and seafood delivered fresh from the neighboring ports … yum, it smells deliciously of the sea around here!

Vannes intramuros © Y. Legal

Vannes intramuros


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