Menhirs AND dolmens IN Morbihan

menhirs, dolmens, cairns, barrows... the oldest monumental architecture of mankind morbihannais punctuate the landscape. Gavrinis in Carnac, through monteneuf () and Camors, the department is an exceptionally rich megalithic heritage! Several thousand standing stones are being identified by the Ministry of Culture, and it still discovering...


Southern Morbihan knows A remarkable concentration of megalithic sites. The Quiberon peninsula to Rhuys peninsula, the coastline is marked with the imprint on men and Kilometers... SINCE millennia. Vertiginous in slickr Carnac, Locmariaquer extraordinary architectures, cairn carefully decorated to Gavrinis menhirs OR immersed in the heart of the Morbihan Gulf, megaliths are available in their diversity and archaeologists still wonder about their meaning. SOME stones date from the 4th millennium BC, and conceal treasures As far Incredible Stories of our ancestors. For who? What for? a how? HAVE Stop questioning of men... If Answer Some elements are to be discovered in the museums of Prehistory of Carnac and valves (Château Gaillard), the ESC questions Always mobilize the scientific community. For better Maintaining the insurer and the preservation of exceptional heritage EC, of Morbihan Communities proudly omen the IDB project to the Unesco World Heritage.

Monteneuf (), Carnac's younger sister

In the edge of the Brocéliande forest, the megalithic site of monteneuf () is considered as one of the most important internal of Brittany today. Established of some 400 stones, the site of "Straight stone" owes its name to about forty stones which were raised over time and of archaeological excavations. In the heart of moors, it is about 7 hectares of Neolithic inheritance that confide according to a route marked out by 14 km. If you can walk there quite freely, nothing is worth the accompaniment of a guide to satisfy your curiosity. And to understand better the past civilizations, the association "Les Landes" invites you in a total dumping on the occasion of her "summits of the prehistory", however during the workshops which take place during the season. Ignition of the fire, the realization of finery Neolithic, pottery … the Cro-Magnon man will have more no. secret for you!


if the coast of the Morbihan is steeped in history, it is necessary to move forward more still in lands to measure all the megalithic wealth of department. The inside of the department indeed possesses numerous sites, certainly more thinned out. It is not rare to see amounting some granite stones to the bend of paths …