Interceltic festival

All aspects of Breton culture come together in Lorient

This year, Ireland was honoured at the 44th Festival Interceltique de Lorient. For more than 10 days, from August 1-10, the largest Breton culture festival brought together more than 700,000 visitors, from morning to evening.

Warm up your fingers, stretch your legs, open your ears and let your body wiggle to the rhythm of the biniuos, the harp and the accordion. You're there: Brittany invites you to dance. The culmination of Celtic music in Morbihan, for ten days the Festival Interceltique de Lorient brings together musicians, singers and dancers from around the world for a colourful show. Happily, enthusiasts join Celtic circles and local bagads, headed by the famous bagad Lann-Bihoué. Fans are introduced to the habits and customs of the Celtic and Breton culture.

  • Festival Interceltique Lorient

    From 06/08/2021 to 15/08/2021

    Festival Interceltique Lorient


    The world's largest meeting of Celtic cultures: a festival of research, creation and encounters, open to the world. Since its creation 49 years ago, the Lorient Interceltic Festival has been...

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Have you ever tried a little "four step"? Initiation sessions for the Breton dance are held in common many. And by way of training, there's nothing like a fest-NOZ to get you on your feet. These festive gettogethers, traditionally organized in the evening (fest-NOZ means "night party"), portray different groups, where pipers and singers handle music and the Breton language with harmony. In cadence, circles are formed, grow and intertwine like an intoxicating ballet, welcoming young and old, experts, novices and the curious. This is the soul of Brittany: the hospitality, sharing and friendliness. Moreover, it is no. coincidence that UNESCO has inscribed the Fest-NOZ in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list since 2012. This acknowledgement gives value to over sixty years of festivals, and a few centuries of traditions. With their daytime version (fest-deiz), the fest-NOZ events multiply each year in common Morbihan.


From valves to Pontivy and from Gourin to La Gacilly, Brittany and its culture are celebrated: traditional music, dance and costumes, all accompanied of course by a small touch of gourmet food and drink! Breton beer, a cup of cider, slab complete and salted butter caramel crepes are essential fuels for partying through the night! And Breton music brings together so many generations, because it knows how to adapt to its time by joining pleasures with contemporary sounds, as well as new technologies with traditional instruments. The new Breton scene is a breeding ground of artists and geniuses alchemy.

So, no more procrastinating, just dare to do it. Join in the dance: you're always welcome in Morbihan!