Morbihan, your wellness destination

Give your body a break with a spot of wellbeing too. What with the stress, worry and other problems, it's earned it. There's only one destination for your next wellbeing break - the Morbihan! Get the direct benefits of the Atlantic in one of our Thalassotherapie resorts or spas for 100% relaxation guaranteed. Relax and let the Morbihan take care of you …


Watch the sun go down over the sea. What a day! Seaweed treatment in the morning, followed by a delicious but healthy low-calorie lunch (yes, it is possible thanks to the expertise of leaders who know how to combined flavour with a minimum of calories) and, after relaxing under the expert hands of the masseur, you can treat yourself to a swim in the seawater pool. A bit of a chat with your girlfriends in the spa in late afternoon and there you are, in relaxing a lounger having forgotten what day of the week it is! Are you chilled out? Mission accomplished for the thalassotherapy centre! Whether you choose the Castel Clara in Belle Ile en Mer, which feels like the end of the earth, or the Miramar Crouesty for its ocean liner looks, you're in good hands. In Carnac, the Thalasso & Spa Resort will meet your needs and the thalassotherapy institute in Quiberon (Sofitel Quiberon Thalasso Sea & Spa) is waiting for you too. Whether you come with friends, as a couple, as a future gold young mum, each of the four 'hydrotherapy' in the Morbihan has just what you need. So, don't delay, book today for 1, 2, 3 or 6 days of pure pleasure: battery recharge guaranteed!


If you had an hour, with nothing you had to do for the day, what would you do? An hour is just a small amount of time, but it can become much more if you open the doors to a spa. A sweet fragrance from the Orient, has few Indian fragrances: motionless travels are within reach, through the practitioner's hands that slide along your back and release your vertebrae, one by one. From the top of your scalp to the tip of your toes, be conscious of your body and let your mind accompany this pure moment of relaxation. Alone or with others, treat yourself to a spa experience. A hammam, sauna, Jacuzzi, hydromassage bath or jet shower... don't deny yourself the pleasure. And to prolong the benefits of your pampering interlude, choose the option "with accommodations." Some hotels and campsites in Morbihan understand your need for calm and tranquillity, and offer you the cozy nest that will extend your relaxing stay. It would be a shame not to take the time, it's so rare! Do you have a minute? Find the nearest spa and imagine your next weekend: well-being is on the agenda!