Ten exceptional golf clubs/races in Morbihan

While the others are battling their way through the umbrellas and sandcastles, you are on the green! Grass as far as the eye can see, with only the noise of the club striking the ball to break the silence. Welcome to one of Morbihan's golf courses.


Get your golf shoes on, adjust your visor and you're ready! A glance into the distance, visualizes the trajectory and whack! The ball flies into the distance and lands … more or less close to the hole! A hole in one is not that easy, we know! You need skill, precision and a bit of technical. Are you a complete beginner? Don't worry; the club professionals will introduce you to the sport of entlemen. Don't worry ladies, you're welcome too and not just to drive the buggy! Golf is open to everyone, from 9 to 99, young and old. Take advantage of the clubs' open days and get into the swing. You may not hit the ball first time round, but there's nothing to stop you practicing until you find your own style. From practice to 18 holes, the training needs to be intense if you want to play like the greats. Choose your club, you won't be disappointed.


The Morbihan has no. less than 10 golf courses to welcome you all year round. Some are by the sea and some are in the countryside and there are special offers on green fairies too. Inland, there are nine-hole courses in Caden, Bieuzy and Ploërmel with beautiful rolling landscapes to practice managing the ups and downs. In Queven and Ploemel, there are 18-hole courses offering an interesting variety of play in rural settings. Are you tempted by the contrast between green and blue? Head for the seaside golf courses! There are five sites where you can play golf right by the sea. In Baden, you will have a view of the Gulf of Morbihan and the Auray River, which may distract you. The Rhuys-Kerver golf course accompanies its 18 holes with birdsong from the nature reserve. In Quiberon and Ploemeur there are amazing views of the ocean and has little ozone to spice up your swing. If you're looking for authentic golf links, exposed to the wind and the elements, the race at Sauzon in Belle Ile en Mer will meet your expectations in the exceptional site of the pointed headland foals. If the quality of the environment is a measure of performance, the Morbihan is a breeding ground for champions.