Twenty great restaurants in Morbihan

Tasting plate © du vivier from ploemeur

are you a bit peckish or as hungry as a wolf? Find places to eat. You'll find well known Michelinstarred restaurants but also the thousands of other places to eat well in the Morbihan. Because holiday memories are also about trying new dishes and exciting your taste buds. Come and get it!


The sun has just risen and it's time for the Chief to sort out the dish of the day - will it be fish or will it be meat? And what can we serve with this freshly caught sea bass? Seasonal vegetables, of course!! And then we're going to add some colour to the dish with a little greenery, a dash of sauce and a pinch of spice … and there you are, the dish of the day! Then there are the desserts - the market stalls are full of ripe fruit, ready to go. It's easy to imagine the results - a millefeuile perhaps but a verrine … and everyone loves a pastry! For an extra special treat, don't forget the salted butter caramel. Well, that's about it. We just need to find something for the starter that's both simple and tasty. What about scampi kebabs or a tatin of apples with Guémené andouille? … And of course there are the nibbles to get your mouth watering. When it comes to the wine list, let's leave it up to the sommelier to pair the food and the wine and put his talent at the service of the gourmets. The result is the perfect menu. All the Chief needs to do is to get into the kitchen and as soon as the first delicious smells wafting from the oven, the passersby will be getting hungry start …

Restaurant le Vivier à Ploemeur

restaurant du Vivier in Plemeur


Are looking for a nice restaurant for a spot of lunch? Somewhere intimate, somewhere that's family-friendly gold somewhere trendy? Choose the type of restaurant that suits you and ask for the menu. The heads of the Morbihan have designed menus to excite your curiosity. They are listed in the gastronomic guides, certified by labels and praised on social media. Each restaurant is famous for its combinations of flavours and creative cuisine. Here's one with a listing in the directory ourmand, there's one that's been recognized by Gault and Millau and here's another with three eggcups from Logis de France: this is the pick of the bunch. If you want some guidance in your choice, don't forget the reviews on TripAdvisor or the range which go into every detail to reassure you. Local cuisine is also highlighted with 'Local Restaurants', a label that's 100% Breton and which acknowledges the close collaboration between farmers, growers, chefs and restaurant owners.

  • Dish at the restaurant Le Jardin des Sens in Hennebont

    Dish at the restaurant the garden of the senses in Hennebont

  • Dish at the restaurant Le Pic in Lorient

    Dish at the restaurant the Pic in Lorient

Wherever you are in the Morbihan, you'll always find a good place to eat nearby. Our restaurant owners will pull out every stop to please you. Bon appétit!

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salle du restaurant Le Pic à Lorient