Unusual accommodation for exceptional holidays

are you looking for a real holiday getaway experience? You don't have to go to the ends of the earth to get away from it all. From the Wild West to the bottom of the ocean, you'll find all the landscapes you ever dreamed of in the Morbihan. You can camp, rent a cottage or stay in a B & B, just take your pick and get away for a night … more gold, if you like!


Do you dream of curling up under a tree? The Morbihan can give you that! Climb up and spend a few nights between the branches of ancient trees. You will fall asleep under the stars and gently awaken to the sound of birdsong … mmm … sounds good doesn't it? Choose from the cabin or the nest version where the hammocks will awaken your childhood dreams and you'll believe that nothing is impossible in your bubble tree tent. These transparent tents suspended in the air offer you an unrivalled view of the galaxy. Make a wish - there's a shooting-star crossing the sky … Do you want to be even closer to the stars? Climb a few steps … and a few more … and you're there. You'll have a fabulous 360 ° view as far as the eye can see if you become a lighthouse keeper for a weekend, at an altitude of 25 metres. This is a unique experience in France, available only in the Morbihan, at Riantec to be precise.

THE MORBIHAN, a travel earth

In need of some air? Looking for a break from routine? Come and explore the Morbihan and quench your thirst for discovery with unexpected encounters. Distance disappears. Time stands still. You have a date with an unknown land. Lovers of history, nature and culture will welcome you to places that are as surprising as they are unlikely. Here you will find a ranch straight out of a Hollywood movie. Head back to the Wild West for a weekend and share your passion. Cowboys and Indians will no. longer hold any secrets for you. A little farther on and you'll find Mongolian yurts in the countryside of the Morbihan inviting you for trip to the land of a thousand colours … Farther north, towards Finland and its wooden chalets, you might get a hint of Lapland in the air. It's a great place for couples to get closer! It's so good to be able to travel so far and yet so near to home …


Unusual buildings, faraway inspirations gold minute attention to detail - the hosts of the Morbihan aren't lacking in imagination when it comes to firing their guests' imaginations. Whether you come as a couple or with your family, there's something for everyone! Here, you'll find vintage caravans to take you back in time and add a touch of nostalgia to your holiday. There, you'll find a princely domain which will open its doors to you and give you a weekend worthy of the greatest fairy tales... Who said you have to travel far to find what you're looking for? Next time you want to get away, try something new, come to the Morbihan!