Great beach sand to the island of Groix © authors of views


There's no need for the Île de Groix to express its uniqueness by means of artifice - the island manages to convey its identity, its mysteries and its originality completely naturally. Set off to discover an extraordinary island lying just a stone's throw from Lorient! From the moment you disembark at Port-Tudy, you will be able to sense the uniqueness of this richly historic land. And you'll return, early in the morning, to learn more, as you enjoy your coffee while poring over the morning papers, watching the spectacle provided by the boats that enable the coming and going of goods and passengers. Whilst staying on the island of Groix, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the port's little streets and paths, either on foot or by bicycle. At every turn of the pedals, your eye will be caught by the colorful facades of the ship masters' houses. You can almost pedal around without thinking, in taking all around you: the bicycle is king here and traffic lights are non - exist!


So raise your gaze up towards the bell tower!" With a nod to the island's history, the tuna-shaped weather vane country homage to the status Groix had during the first half of the 20th century as France's leading tuna port!

  • Café de la jetée © Y. Le Gal

    the pier cafe

  • Port de l'Ile de Groix © Y. Le Gal

    Île de Groix's port

but, away from the influence of man, it is nature that defines the island's basic character. Europe's only convex beach is to be found here: the beach of les Sables Blancs, whose eccentric character even extends to the beach shifting by 10 metres every year, leaving scientists eager to find an explanation! Just as surprising is the island's blue glaucophane, a mineral found only on the island of Groix and … in Greenland! What do the two places have in common? That remains a complete mystery! You'll need more than a day to get to know this exceptional land. So, to give yourself a chance to develop your first assumptions, make a visit to the coffee that's famous amongst all sailors: the "little bedeff", a veritable institution of the island, with its reputation extending beyond the seas! It's true to say that the island of Groix is certainly not lacking when it comes to curiosities! Take the opportunity to discover this for yourself on your next holiday to Groix!

  • Canots sur l'ile de Groix © X. Dubois

    dinghies at Île de Groix

  • Plaisance dans le port de Groix © M. Schaffner

    Pleasure boating in Groix's port

  • Café des Bleimor à Groix © X. Dubois

    the Bleimor coffee on Groix

Find out about Groix's main attractions and curiosities and all the services available on the island


The island to the garnets (in: garnets) is well named! It is the site of the only geological nature reserve of mineralogical interest in France. Here, it is the stones - a unique discovery - that recount the earth's history to you!


Groix offers a rich and varied cultural calendar. Depending on the year, various celebratory events take place: the port festival, the "road of friendship" maritime festival, the "walks of tuna" tuna boat regatta - the sea is an ever-present participating in the festivities. There are wonderful times to be had sharing in the experience and meeting people throughout all these events. The sea also provides the setting for various other activities; because on Groix you are never far from the water. Be sure to grab the opportunities presented to you!


You can embark for a crossing to the island in garnets from Lorient. The Compagnie Océane and Escal' West lines operate crossings taking around ¾ of an hour. Once arrived in the little, and typically Breton port of Port Tudy, visitors and sailors have access to all the facilities and services provided there.


On Groix, the pedestrian is king! There are various ways to explore the island and discover its charms using its paths and roads. For walkers, there are three signposted hiking trails that criss-cross the island, each between 10 and 14 km long. These provide a good way to discover and explore the island's natural and built heritage. For cyclists, there are 40 km of paths and trails available, with places to park cars. It is not permitted to cycle on the coastal paths however, due to their fragility! Bicycles, including electric types and tandems are available to hire through the island's various cycle hire companies. Three bus routes, numbers 80, 81 and 82, serve the island all year round.