Along the coast of the island of Hoëdic © M. Schaffner


At 2.5 km long and just 1 km wide, the island of Hoëdic appears quite frail and fragile out in the Atlantic Ocean. But this little patch of land out amongst the waves does more than just hold its own: it express its character in harmony with the elements. Sometimes it is soft and fragile, with its beaches of fine sand washed by turquoise waters, and sometimes it is strong and tempestuous, with its rocks and fortifications. In fact it is within the walls of the fort, built in the 19th century, that a short stopover gîte is today housed, offering a place for you to rest during the adventure of your stay here. Nestling right amongst the dunes, this property, owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral organization, is also a good location from which to discover and explore the island of Hoëdic's exceptional heritage. There are several examples of historical architecture to be found roundabouts, freely overgrowing with vegetation.


The island offers a rare level of botanic variety: sea daffodils and centaurea colour the dunes to the rhythm of the changing seasons." What a magnificent picture!

  • Façade fleurie sur l'île d'Hoedic © M. Schaffner

    Flower-adorned façade on the island of Hoëdic

  • Randonnée sur les sentiers © M. Schaffner

    Hiking along the coastal paths

A trip to Hoëdic, as well as being a genuine invitation to live an adventure, is also without doubt an opportunity to meet other adventurous people with whom you can swap experiences of travelling and discovering new things around the world. With all the incredible stories and unusual experiences to hear about, the night will pass quickly until you finally fall asleep, dreaming of three-masted sailing ships slamming the waves. You will part company the following day with promise to see each other again, and this will happen the very same day … because on this island of just 120 inhabitants there is a very good chance your paths will cross again! People do not just meet by chance here …

As small as the island of Hoëdic is, however, it can still provide you with welcome moments of solitude. Like Robinson Crusoe himself, you will have the chance to enjoy a beach all to yourself. And with such opportunities so rare these days, what luxury! Are you ready to enjoy a wonderful moment of this kind?

Who would have believed that there was a place of true escape just an hour from the continent? Time to embark right away!

  • Le fort d'Hoedic © Y. Le Gal

    Hoedic Fort

  • Ile d'Hoedic vue du ciel © Y. Le Gal

    island of Hoëdic from the air

  • Flore sur l'île d'Hoedic © M. Schaffner

    Some of the flora on island of Hoëdic


There are plenty of opportunities for the visitor to discover the natural and cultural heritage of Hoëdic at Fort Louis Philippe, which is owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral organization. There are numerous trips organised there as well as both permanent and temporary exhibitions to see. You can even enjoy a peaceful, relaxing stay at strong tea!


Every year, between Houat and Hoëdic, the 15 August public holiday is the occasion for a huge naval gathering to name the new boats. Each ship and fishing boat then allows curious visitors aboard to take part in the ceremony.

Hoëdic can be accessed thanks to the shipping companies who offer several crossings which stop off at Houat: Compagnie Océane, all year round, leaving from Quiberon and Navix-Compagnie des îles and the stars of the Gulf in July and August, leaving from several ports (valves, Locmariaquer and Port-Navalo). The Atmos'Air Marine boat taxi also links with Hoëdic, leaving from Belle-Ile. You will land at the ports of Argol and La Croix, which houses some fishing and pleasure boats. There are three shared mooring buoys for boat owners. Additional information is available from the town hall or the company's Ports in the Morbihan.

You don't need a car there Hoëdic. The island can be explored on foot in both summer and in winter along its 8 km of coastline. The island is perfect for daydreaming and idleness. Time stands still - enjoy it!