Island of Arz X. Dubois

ile d'arz

"standing and pins!" (Stand up and hold on!), this is a very true motto. It has to be said that the island of Arz has its own character …: that of the deep-sea fishermen who set up home here in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan and who are responsible for the island's nickname ' the captains 'island'. Today's captains are the young trainees at the Glénans sailing school who come here for the ideal conditions to learn to sail. If you prefer to stay on dry land, make sure you climb 'the mountain', the highest point on the island which reaches the dizzying height of ….13 meters! The change of altitude is hardly likely to tire you out, just like the highly accessible coastal paths which take you right around the island. You will discover the untamed and unchanged character of this land which is second home to barnacle geese from Siberia and permanent home to many local species.


In this theater of greenery facing the sea, you may get the chance to see a skein of geese fly off at sunset - like a living postcard and a perfect holiday memory!"


Another relaxation option comes in the shape of the many beaches around the island's 18 km coastline which offer you more than enough to choose from. Depending on the winds and the tides … and how the fancy takes you, you can enjoy a swim at any time in the day. It's easy when you know the sea is never more than 400 meters away! And if you fancy a change from lazing on the beach, your holiday on the island of Arz wouldn't be complete without a visit to the seawall and the Moulin de Berno. This amazing tide mill was restored by a team of enthusiastic volunteers and shows us how grain was ground on the island in the Middle Ages. The history and the beauty of this place come together here to the delight of locals and visitors alike. So, although the Ile D'arz is small in area (324 hectares), there's no shortage of things to do. With bike rides, family outings, exploration of the flora and fauna and nautical activities, the time will just fly by. The Ile D'arz is an invitation to richness and serenity with unforgettable holidays in the Morbihan!

  • Moulin de Berno sur l'île d'Arz © X. Dubois

    moulin de Berno on the Ile D'arz

  • Maison de capitaine © X. Dubois

    Sea captain's housee

  • Paddle sur le Golfe du Morbihan © A. Lamoureux

    Paddlboarding on the Gulf of Morbihan


Go on foot via the paths gold with a few turns of your bicycle wheel and you will have been around the island … it's almost a tradition, when you land on the Ile D'arz! The streets wind between the little fishermen's cottages and at each turn we are reminded why it's know as the captains' island. Whatever you do, make sure you see the Moulin de Berno to find out how a traditional tide mill works. An exceptional piece of maritime history restored with passion.


The site of the Moulin de Berno is at the center of a festival in late July or early August with a gathering of old sailing and fishing boats, sea shanties and a fireworks display above the water. It's a magical event. The forgiveness of Ilur and the sailors' mass take place on the first Sunday in August. Don't miss the traditional week Gulf which is held at the lake every two years with the next edition being in 2015.

You can take a boat to the Ile D'arz from valves with Navix - company of the Islands boat Bus and gold stars of the Gulf who also make the crossing from the hold of Barrarac'h in Senna. Other crossings are available from several sites in the Gulf of Morbihan: Izenah cruises from Port Blanc in Baden, the Ferryman of the Islands and Navix - company of the Islands from Port Navalo in Arzon. There are many outer anchorages for boat owners.

The charms of the island are best discovered on foot or by bicycle. You can hire a bike at the Arz and how. There is also a minibus which will be waiting for you when the boat arrives to take you to several different points on the island … an ideal opportunity to meet the locals!