The "MADE IN MORBIHAN" appellation scorching the traditional know-how and modern skills that underpin the dynamism demonstrated by our local businesses. By taking part in organised visits, you will learn some of the secrets behind manufacturing processes combining tradition with technology to produce high quality products.
on some of these visits you will get to sample products. On others you will be able to visit places normally off limits to the public. And on all the visits, you will meet men and women who are passionate about what they do and will be delighted to explain things to you.
To get to the "heart of the action", arrange a visit to a local business today!
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Pleasures of the palate …
From your nose to your taste buds, all your senses will be aroused by the regional flavours of Brittany, from through to the salty sweet tea. You will find products here created with patience, love and skill by men and women whose knowledge has often been passed down from generation to generation. With oysters, cider, Breton cakes (a type of pancake) and other delights, there will be something for each member of the family to enjoy and tasting opportunities are guaranteed!
The products of local industries and services
Because the skills and know-how of Morbihan are not only expressed through its gastronomy and the artisanal activities carried out in the region, but also through its reputable businesses, when visiting the workshops and production facilities you are effectively getting to see the 'submerged part of the iceberg', which is a good way to discover and appreciate that behind each product or service there is work and there are people!

The skill and know-how of the craftsmen
A feel for the material and the ability to work it with great precision, that is what characterized the best craftsmen and women. You can see them at work in their workshops in, for example, the Gacilly and Pont Scorff, or in some cases at the local markets. They will be delighted to share their valuable knowledge and know-how with you.

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