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Enceinte mégalithique de Kergonan

Megalithic enclosure shaped like a horseshoe, composed by 24 standing stones dating from the Neolithic period, from 5 000 to 2 000 years with JC Heritage Exhibition about the island.

The Kergonan site includes a remarkably well-preserved megalithic enclosure 65m long.
The Kergonan megalithic enclosure forms a horseshoe shape open to the south-east, measuring 65m at its longest point. This remarkably well-preserved monument is formed by 34 monoliths. At the north-western point there is a standing stone which is larger than the others, known as “The Monk” as it resembles a hooded figure. On its back there are small circular engravings known as “cupulae”, typical of the Neolithic Era. In 1923, Zacharie Le Rouzic noted the presence of an axe engraved on one of the standing stones, but this has not been observed since. A collection of flint blades was discovered in the centre of the enclosure.
This monument is connected with a huge menhir which cannot be seen today as it has been buried under buildings 30m to the north-east
The Kergonan enclosure is the property of the Morbihan département.
For more information about tours, visit http://www.cromlech.eu/
Satnav coordinates: 47.590927,-2.851403

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