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Ecomusée industriel des Forges

Museum of France

The Musée des Métallurgistes des Forges d’Hennebont offers an exploration of the industrial history of the 19th and 20th Centuries… Inaugurated in 2001 in Inzinzac-Lochrist, this eco-museum depicts the daily lives of the “metal craftsmen”, who specialised in making sheet steel for the Breton canning factories …

Founded in 1860 on the right bank of the Blavet, the Forges d'Hennebont in Inzinzac-Lochrist form part of the Morbihan’s cultural and industrial heritage. A major centre for the production of sheet steel for the canning factories, they employed up to 3,000 people in 1936. Having shaped the lives of thousands of working families, they then closed, abandoning the know-how of these craftsmen and sheet steel-makers. Following in the footsteps of the blacksmiths of the Vallée Noire and the Blavet Valley, the Ecomusée des Forges tells the moving story of this lost industrial past. Its 16 permanent exhibition rooms present the daily lives of these Breton families immersed in the world of printed steel for the canning factories. Films, animated models, collections of old tools and testimonies explain the techniques of the past and this form of know-how that has now disappeared. A museum of remembrance and tradition, which reminds us of the predominant role of tuna and sardine fishing in Breton culture …

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  • From 4/8/2018 to 10/31/2018


Ecomusée industriel des Forges Mail François Giovannelli 56650 INZINZAC LOCHRIST



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Practical information

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  • Services and facilities

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Languages spoken

  • - french

Special facilities

  • - Groups accepted
  • - Pets welcome

Services and facilities


  • - Library
  • - Shady garden
  • - Playground
  • - Car park
  • - Coach parking
  • - Film theatre
  • - Marked trails
  • - Slide


  • - Drinking water faucet

Prices and payment


  • - Tarif jeune (6-17 ans) : 2,40€
  • - Demandeurs d'emploi : from 2,40€ to €
  • - Tarif réduit : from 3,50€ to €
  • - Groupes (+10 pers) : from 3,50€ to €
  • - Plein Tarif : 4,70€

Payment methods

  • - Bank and post-office cheques
  • - Holiday cheques (french holiday vouchers)
  • - Cash
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