Cairn de Gavrinis

Situated on the island of Gavrinis, a short distance from the port of Larmor-Baden, the Gavrinis cairn is one of the most beautiful megalithic sites in the world. A real gem with its remarkably elegant stone engravings …

Looking from a distance towards the port of Larmor-Baden, in the Gulf of Morbihan, the island of Gavrinis is the home of a treasure as priceless as the dolmens and standing stones of Carnac: the Gavrinis cairn. This megalithic masterpiece, one of the finest in Southern Brittany, surprises visitors by its size and majesty. Situated on the southern tip of the island, this enormous granite rock contains a splendid dolmen, forming a gallery 14 m long. Here, at the heart of the rock, surprise gives way to wonder. Spirals, arches, axes, concentric circles … The two walls of the long “corridor” are delicately chiselled like sculpted jewels with unusual engravings. Each symbol seems to contain a piece of eternity, guiding us towards the funeral chamber at the heart of the cairn. As you leave the monument, dazzled by so much splendour, darkness gives way to light. It’s now time to admire the magnificent panoramic view of the Gulf of Morbihan: a view that hasn’t changed since the Neolithic period.

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  • - Billet jumelé Gavrinis/Petit Mont enfant de moins de 10 ans : 5€
  • - Billet jumelé Gavrinis/Petit Mont 10/17 ans et étudiant : 10€
  • - Billet jumelé Petit Mont/Gavrinis adulte : 20€
  • - Billet jumelé Gavrinis/Petit Mont forfait famille : 50€

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