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Jardin aux Papillons

To the sound of wing-beats, watch the chrysalids as they go through their incredible transformation into majestic tropical butterflies … From nurseries to hatcheries, the Jardin aux Papillons in Vannes is a small tropical paradise for the most ephemeral creatures on the planet …

Just a short walk from the walled town of Vannes, there’s a small tropical paradise, home to a multitude of butterflies from Africa, America and Asia. This astonishing 500 m² glasshouse describes the ephemeral life of these “gods of the sky” that fly in complete freedom among the creepers and flowering shrubs and collect nectar. Captivated by the magic of the glasshouse, you’ll marvel at the incessant ballet of these colourful winged creatures, between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm, when the butterflies are at their most active. Like real entomologists, you’ll discover the nursery, which is home to 400 chrysalises every week, and watch them complete their transformation in a hatching incubator. Look carefully and you’ll see the chrysalises break open to reveal the butterfly’s still-crumpled wings. It’s a brief and unique moment, as some varieties only live for a week or two …

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Jardin aux Papillons Parc du Golfe 18 Rue Daniel Gilard 56000 VANNES




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Contact the ownerJardin aux Papillons


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Contact the ownerJardin aux Papillons

Practical information

Disabled access

  • Informations

  • Services and facilities

  • Prices and payment


Languages spoken

  • - english

Special facilities

  • - Facilities for the disabled
  • - Groups accepted

Services and facilities


  • - Playground
  • - Picnic area
  • - Shops
  • - Garden
  • - Shady garden
  • - Playground
  • - Park
  • - Car park
  • - Coach parking
  • - Picnic tables


  • - Drinking water faucet

Prices and payment


  • - Entrée Tarif Enfant (4-11 ans) : 7,60€
  • - Entrée Plein tarif Adulte (+ de 12 ans) : 10,90€
  • - Pass découverte Jardin aux Papillons et Aquarium de Vannes : from 13,30€ to 19,10€

Payment methods

  • - Cheques
  • - Chèques Vacances (French holiday vouchers)
  • - Cash
  • - Banker's card
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